Why Hire a Professional Installer ?


Our trained Childproofers are home safety experts. They will come to your home and assess what you need by providing a room-by-room evaluation. We begin on the first floor and then follow up with the upstairs and basement if applicable.

Each room has unique problem areas that need to be addressed. The most common danger zone is the kitchen, then the bathrooms. The stairs are a common accident location and completely preventable. Any loft areas and banisters are also reviewed.

The family room and den are the rooms that most families spend the majority of their time, many hidden hazards are waiting for a curious infant or exploring toddler. We also assess the bedrooms, utility room and basement.

Our purpose during the room-by-room evaluation is to eliminate danger zones and to minimize the risk to your child. After your in-home assessment you can choose to have our experts install the products, or schedule a time to childproof your home that meets your schedule or utilize the evaluation to do your own home childproofing.