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Poison Prevention Tips

The experts from Childproofers have provided these ten tips to preventing an accidental poisoning in your home. As an added resource for parents, we have listed poisons found around the home and garage and a list ofpoisonous plants.

  1. Do not keep medicines, cosmetics, cleaning fluids, rat poisons, and insecticides where children can reach them. Do not carry medicines in a purse or handbag, which may be easily accessible to children.
  2. Do not keep any medicinal or chemical preparations that are not clearly labeled.
  3. Do not store drugs or household chemicals in food containers.
  4. Be certain that the purpose and dosage of a medicine are clearly stated on the label and that you understand them before your child takes them.
  5. Do not give your child medicine in the dark – never administer medicine without first reading the label.
  6. Never keep prescription drugs after you’re done using them. Never give another person someone else’s prescription without checking with your physician.
  7. Except under medical supervision, do not administer anything but the recommended dosage of aspirin or any other medicine containing salicylate to a very sick child with a high fever.
  8. Do not keep unknown poisons in a medicine cabinet, the kitchen, or any place where food is stored, or where these items can inadvertently become accessible to a child.
  9. Thoroughly wash hands and other exposed parts after using rat poison, plant spray or any other chemical or poison.
  10. Do not stay in a closed room in which an insect spray has just been used or allow food to remain exposed in such a room.
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